Dr. William Odion


  • Dr. William Odion, also known as ProbabaFX, was born on December 20, 1988, and is a prominent figure in Nigeria’s creative scene. He’s recognized for his dynamic roles as a Brand Influencer, Content Creator, and CEO of Probaba EA Consults. Originating from Rivers State, Nigeria, he grew up in the lively streets of Port Harcourt, influenced by both his Edo and Igbo heritage.

    Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Port Harcourt, Dr. William Odion is also an accomplished author, known for his insightful book “Becoming a Profitable ForexTrader.” In his leisure time, he enjoys swimming, playing pool, and creating music. His creative journey began at a young age, dabbling in various fields like Music Production, Singing, and Directing, garnering widespread recognition for his innovative brand promotion strategies.

  • Dr. William Odion’s portfolio includes collaborations with top-tier brands locally and internationally in fashion, entertainment, music, and Forex. His expertise in the Forex market led him to establish initiatives like The Probaba Forex Academy, aimed at empowering young Nigerians financially. He’s affectionately referred to as “THE FACE OF THE NEW HUSTLE,” embodying innovation and entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

    Acknowledged for his outstanding contributions, Dr. William Odion has received several accolades and awards, such as Best Forex Strategies Analyst by Trading.Live in September 2023 and Forex Consultant of the Year 2023 by Scream All Youth Awards in August 2023. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration from IRSBACCOM University and was honored with the Business Creativity, Innovation, and Quality Service Delivery Award by African Brands & Silverbird Groups in October 2022.

    With his visionary leadership and dedication to excellence, Dr. William Odion continues to inspire and empower individuals across Nigeria and beyond to achieve new heights in their endeavors.