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How to Begin Forex Trading in Nigeria

It might be challenging to comprehend how to profit from the Nigerian foreign exchange market, but many forex trading specialists have made a career out of it, and with enough experience, you could too. These professionals receive years of training in the finest techniques to purchase low and sell high.

There are innumerable seminars and talks from seasoned, experienced forex traders on how to do market research and identify a wide range of trends. The professionals rely on these patterns because they provide them with the capacity to predict a currency’s stability and use that information to inform their trading decisions.

You will be let down if you are looking for any intimate knowledge about the foreign exchange market. Because market changes happen instantly, you’ll need a mathematical approach to decide what to do.

For instance, if a business buys a lot of one currency, the value of that currency will rise. Everyone active in the currency market is then given access to this information. Despite the fact that trading can take place 24 hours a day, the trading week starts again on Sundays.

In spite of the fact that it is undoubtedly risky to rely on the foreign exchange market as your primary source of income, more and more people are doing so as a backup plan in case things go south economically. Personally, we absolutely adore trading the currency markets and have been doing it since we were very young for many years. For novices looking to start forex trading in Nigeria, we built to be an honest and educational resource.

How to Start Trading Forex in Nigeria

Where do you begin if you want to start trading forex? The best place to start, then, is by fully comprehending what forex trading is and who the participants are. Don’t feel compelled to learn everything at once, though. Trading education is a lifetime pursuit.



The information in this manual assumes that you already have a computer or laptop with access to a steady internet connection.

Tools needed:

A laptop or computer

An effective internet connection

What Nigerians Need to Start Trading Forex

A trading demo account

A form of identification, such as a passport or national ID

A document serving as verification of residency, such as a utility bill or bank statement

An account for live trading


The Procedure for Beginning Forex Trading in Nigeria

Step 1: Recognize the Possibilities and Risks of Forex Trading

Forex trading is frequently overhyped. You must ascertain the actual facts and the precise reasons behind your desire to begin trading. Forex trading is not for you if you’re seeking a quick method to make money. While there are opportunities for success, there is also a chance that you might lose the money you invested.


It is time to go to school after you are aware of the opportunities and potential risks associated with online FX trading. Yes, you did hear correctly. In this market, very few traders who begin trading without any kind of instruction succeed. You may choose to attend formal classes or learn online by joining the ProbabaFX Academy online. Some foreign exchange dealers, including CMTrading

also provide novice traders access to free instructional materials.


This step is extremely important and should not be ignored. Open a demo account and put everything you’ve learned into practice before engaging in genuine trading. You can start a demo account with CMTrading at this stage; however, we advise picking a broker from our list of the top forex brokers in Nigeria.


It’s time to create a live trading account if you’ve had success with demo trading. Before making a deposit, it is crucial to confirm that you have followed all the procedures for validating your account with CMTrading. The majority of brokers will ask for identity documents like your passport or national ID as well as proof of residency documents like a bank statement or a utility bill.

Why Do You Want to Start Trading Forex?

There are several possible responses to the question. Asking yourself, “Why am I interested in Forex?” is the first thing you should do. What is, in other words, your goal?

Possible responses:

I’m very eager to get wealthy. Not at all like forex. For novice market participants like you, forex trading has a significant chance of loss. How can I control myself so that I’m ready for Forex?

  • Recognize that nothing in the world offers simple money. If it existed, nobody would divulge its secrets to you. However, there are firms with greater benefits and/or dangers. One of these is forex!

  • Join the Forex forums. Check out what others are saying about their professions. Ask us questions; we’ll be happy to respond within 24 hours, absolutely free.

  • Participate in some training on forex.

  • Buy books about forex. Purchase beginner-level items rather than moving on to more sophisticated ones before mastering the fundamentals. (We will provide you with some starting advice below.)

  1. I desire a home office. There is merit to this. However, before you truly learn forex, don’t consider leaving your full-time job and entering the market. Not less than 12 to 18 months will be required to master the art of forex trading. I am aware that from your perspective, this could seem like a lengthy time, but in my opinion—one that is based on eight years of trading—this is a short time.

  2. The enormous leverage is appealing to me. In a few hours, I could quadruple my money. That’s how a gambler sees it. You are welcome to place a Forex bet, though. If you bet on the color “red” on the roulette wheel, even if the chance is 50%, you might lose 10 times in a row. The same is true if you bet on the opposite color. Even if you start out rich, you will lose it far more quickly than you anticipate.

  3. I already make a good living, but I want to make more. What a fantastic response!

  4. I have some capital I can invest. What a fantastic response!

Now, how can Nigerians profit from forex?

  1. Choose a forex broker and open a demo account with them.

  2. Take note of the following:

  • A pip is what? It is the lowest unit for calculating changes in a currency’s value.

  • What do the bid and ask rates for currency pairings mean? One is used for purchasing, while the other is used for selling.

  • Why do the asking price and the bid differ? The term “spread” refers to the distinction between them. The forex broker makes money when you trade (buy or sell).

  • How do limits work? This is the PIP where you want to make a profit.

  • How does stopping losses work? It is the point where you want to stop losing any longer.

  • How do I start a business? Choose whether you want to purchase or sell the deal, and then click on the left or right side of the currency pair box, respectively.

  • How do you finish a trade? Right-click the transaction in the Opened Positions tab and choose Close Position. Click OK or Yes in the pop-up box that appears to confirm.

  • What is a command? You provide the trading platform with a buy or sell order to execute at a specific upcoming or projected price.

Is this a guide on how to profit from forex trading in Nigeria? NOT YET; wait; continue reading down.
  1. Utilize charts now. Open any website that offers free forex charts, then select the currency pair you want to view. What do you understand?

  • A chart with several forex candlesticks appears. (Read this article in its entirety before reading about candlesticks.)

  • Zooming in reveals that each bar or candle represents a particular price movement over a certain period of time. To view several price trajectories for this currency pair, you may alter this time window.

  • Try to comprehend the chart pattern before deciding whether to trade with it or use a forex indicator to indicate a reversal.

  • Once you’ve chosen a trade, wait to execute it until you’ve decided on your stop loss. This is more significant than the actual exchange. Do not ever let your trades drift! This is a serious error that all forex traders make.

Now that you are aware of how to profit from forex trading, start trading slowly. We’re here to provide you with unbiased assistance. Therefore, feel free to inquire about anything before doing something new.


Selecting a Forex Broker in Nigeria

Looking for Nigeria’s top forex broker? Here, “best” is a relative term. best in what categories? Finding the best forex broker for you could be different from finding the best forex broker for me since our trading objectives, frameworks, and methods vary from trader to trader.

The “best forex broker” may be the one who personally gets along with major traders who want managed accounts with an individual assigned forex broker who handles his account or who promptly answers his requests for trades or support.

You may describe the “best forex broker” for a retail forex trader like yourself as a business that correctly executes your transactions using their trading platform. Or as one that, upon your request, pays out your foreign exchange account within a day. The finest forex broker could also have a great trading interface or provide a competitive spread.

Finding the finest forex broker “for you” is thus not as simple as it first appears, despite the fact that it is crucial to have the best you can get, as your forex broker will determine whether you succeed in the forex market or not. As many forex traders will be able to attest, they can either make you or break you in terms of giving you the extra edge you need to succeed in the forex market.

Surmising In my opinion, the ideal forex broker would be one that offers a balance of all the important elements. There are several crucial aspects you should watch out for while looking for a forex broker, some of which are more crucial than others.

These factors are crucial since there are several fraudulent forex brokerage businesses online that will steal your money and split it. Believe me, it has occurred more than once, not only to me but to a number of other traders I am aware of.


There are a lot of highly significant criteria you should take into account when choosing a broker (whether you are new to forex trading or an experienced trader), such as:


The safety of your money

Your funds’ security should be your top priority when picking a forex broker, so keep reading for more information. If you deposit $100 or $1000, you might not worry about this, but anything more (and also when you grow your account up to these sums) needs security in the knowledge that it can be withdrawn at any moment.

Numerous instances exist of dishonest forex brokers who either won’t allow you to withdraw your money or who file for bankruptcy and steal your money with them. All of the forex brokers we analyze and advise have passed our test for money security.



The functioning of the broker’s trading platform is the second-most crucial element. To be able to execute trades, you must have access to a large number of currency pairings, including those for gold, silver, oil, and even different stock indices.

Functional charts, a broad selection of tools and indicators, and quick server execution times all have a significant impact on your trading results.



The price is the third crucial aspect we consider when assessing a forex broker’s quality. Spreads between currency pairings, monthly fees or maintenance expenses, requotes, and fees for services like withdrawals and position holding costs are all included in this.

Before signing up with a broker, it’s a good idea to compare these prices (as we do for you in our ratings), as there can be a significant variation between brokers.

When they first begin trading, novice forex traders frequently seek out the greatest “spread” and/or the lowest account opening balances, but as soon as they have suffered significant financial loss due to a dishonest forex broker, they search for the finest forex broker.

The forex broker who won’t defraud you of your money, in my opinion, is the finest! Naturally, there are more factors to take into account while selecting the best forex broker.

  • receiving ongoing training and guidance in forex.

  • obtaining forex signals and outlooks for the currency of your choice.

  • delivering market intelligence on changes in currency.

Insight into the market

  • Support that is welcoming and efficient


You can identify the best Forex broker for you who can be trusted by doing a little study. If you don’t have any recommendations for Forex brokers, you may try conducting some independent research.

The leading forex brokers provide a demo account to prospective customers. As a result, you will be able to test out their trading platform without having to put any money at risk.

Find a demo platform that functions exactly like the real thing and assess your comfort level with the trading platform.

Last but not least, I advise you to use their demo system and learn all you can about them by speaking with them directly. You can do this by asking them difficult questions like “How long do I have to wait for account payouts?” and similar ones, and you can also see how quickly and politely they respond. You can choose the finest forex broker for you by reading forums and what others have to say about a specific broker.


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Dr. William Odion is a financial coach and consultant who specializes in Forex and Crypto trading. He is also an author, founder and CEO of Probaba EA Consults a.k.a Probabafx, and a brand influencer and real estate investor.

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