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Now Hiring: BDSwiss, CAPEX, Coinbase, and Others

It’s almost the end of the turbulent year 2023. However, things are still dire for the world economy. Of particular concern is the jobs situation. According to data from Forbes, almost 305,000 workers in the United States lost their jobs in 2023 alone.

A greater number of businesses in Texas are notifying one another about impending mass layoffs, which might be an indication of increased unemployment and sluggish job development.

Furthermore, investors in startups, who are more acclimated to job cuts at startups, are afraid of layoffs as a result of the recent failure of a venture firm. OpenView, a Boston-based company, informed its limited partners that it was making significant layoffs and would no longer be investing in new businesses.

Additionally, Intel announced intentions to lay off 235 workers at its Folsom, California, research and development center; additional layoffs are anticipated in 2024. This marks the start of the company’s sixth wave of employee layoffs this year.

Despite this, ProbabaFX discovered this week that several financial companies—brokers, fintechs, and cryptocurrency companies in particular—are bolstering their sales and marketing teams with recruits. Let’s examine the positions they are providing and the associated duties.

1. BDSwiss: Marketing Manager

A seasoned marketing manager is needed to join the team at BDSwiss, a top financial group that provides forex and CFD investment services.

Job requirements:
  • solid job experience in the financial/forex industry in a related capacity.
  • An advantage would be a university degree in business administration, marketing, or a similar discipline.
  • A strong understanding of financial markets and excellent communication skills are also essential.
  • proficiency in written and spoken English at the native or almost native level;
  • outstanding networking and communication abilities.
  • good ability to solve problems. self-driven and capable of working without supervision.

2. Financial Controller

Global fintech broker is seeking a financial controller.

Job requirements:
  • possess at least four to five years of practical experience in financial reporting or control, ideally in the financial services sector.
  • Positivity and a can-do attitude while relishing the trials that lie ahead.
  • a team member with a strong sense of individualism.
  • problem solver with a track record of dedication and adaptability.
  • Have a strong command of written and spoken English.
  • Have a strong Microsoft Office background; using dashboarding tools (like Power BI) is a bonus.
  • knowledge of financial reporting and IFRS.

3. Coinbase: Onboarding Support Analyst

Exchange of cryptocurrencies For onboarding support analysts, Coinbase is hiring. To successfully enroll low-priority clients, the position is essential. The analyst’s job throughout the onboarding process is to assist Coinbase’s KYC/AML regulatory compliance rules and program by doing an investigative study and analysis of the client’s application.

Job requirements:
  • a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, or its equivalent.
  • Three years minimum of relevant experience (completing customer due diligence reviews, onboarding or renewing regulated clients).
  • working familiarity with all relevant laws, rules, and recommendations (such as BSA, OFAC, and FinCEN advice).
  • strong intellectual, verbal, and written communication abilities as well as interpersonal skills.

4. BCB Group: Sales Executive

To join its team, BCB Group, a top supplier of crypto-dedicated payment services, is seeking a determined, enthusiastic, and driven sales executive.

Job requirements:
  • It requires a strong desire and enthusiasm for sales, along with a track record of accomplishments in financial services sales, preferably in finance.
  • need to be passionate about cryptocurrencies or finance.
  • possess prior experience with and ease in a goal-driven setting.
  • To create and present Google Docs and Slides, one must have familiarity with CRM and, preferably, the Google Suite.
  • It is necessary to possess analytical reasoning abilities as well as the capacity to design and enhance processes and plan tasks.
  • Must possess excellent time management, communication, and attention to detail abilities.
  • knowledge and comprehension of the cryptocurrency industry and cryptocurrencies
  • Being flexible and at ease with change will allow you to help BCB and the larger team, in addition to going above and beyond your daily responsibilities.

5. FlexTrade: Senior Sales Engineer

A senior sales engineer is needed by FlexTrade Systems, a leading provider of order management and multi-asset execution systems worldwide. The main duty will be to ensure the sales team can fully show the FlexTrade product’s functionality and range across all supported asset classes and workflows.

Job requirements:
  • technically proficient in a variety of languages, including Python, JavaScript, C++, and. NET. outstanding capacity for problem-solving and for explaining solutions to peers.
  • five or more years of front-office trading technology experience.
  • a strong interest in technology and a keen curiosity about how things function.
  • self-driven, goal-oriented, and driven to produce outcomes.
  • Ability to speak with commercial and technical clientele with assurance and succinctness. both Windows and Linux platforms with ease.

6. Mox Bank: Assistant Marketing Manager/Marketing Specialist

A marketing specialist or assistant marketing manager is needed by Mox Bank, a virtual bank supported by Standard Chartered.

Job requirements:
  • I have approximately five years of experience in consumer marketing in Hong Kong following my graduation from university.
  • For the position of marketing specialist, applicants with less experience could nevertheless be given consideration.
  • It will be desirable if you have prior experience in the financial services or banking sectors.
  • It is assiduously monitoring every little aspect, whether it is the correctness of design components or content.
  • Show that you can manage digital marketing with ease, whether it’s through social network posts, display banners, or eDMs.
  • able to operate in a fast-paced atmosphere and be flexible while meeting deadlines.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken Chinese and English communication.

7. Capital: Project Manager, Assistant Vice President

The world’s top fintech business, iCapital, is hiring an assistant vice president and project manager to fuel their alternative investment platform. By working with internal teams, this person will collaborate closely with the company’s technology leaders and product managers to enable technological development.

Job requirements:
  • six or more years in a comparable position.
  • Having completed a project management course or earned a Scrum Master certification (SAFe) or Certified Scrum Professional (CSM or CSP), prior expertise in risk management and alternative investment solutions, ideally gained in a financial technology company or the financial services industry Proven ability to build strong connections, foster team cohesiveness, and interact with people Outstanding detail-orientedness and organizing abilities Ability to operate independently and cooperatively in a multidisciplinary setting; proficiency in managing intricate software development initiatives; in-depth familiarity with collaboration platforms including, Confluence, and Microsoft Office, as well as Atlassian technologies like JIRA, JIRA Query Language, and plug-ins like Structure and BigPicture





Dr. William Odion is a financial coach and consultant who specializes in Forex and Crypto trading. He is also an author, founder and CEO of Probaba EA Consults a.k.a Probabafx, and a brand influencer and real estate investor.

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